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About Karen

I’d love to hear from you – How are you a wise woman leader? What are the questions you have about how to trust your wisdom, how to lead as a woman, and what leadership is anyway? More on my work and connections as well as a youtube link below!

“An integrated wisdom in leaders, balanced in the feminine and masculine, is essential to building a healthy and sustainable world. This life-affirming wisdom resides in each of us, centered in our sphere of vital and powerful relationships — with spirit, family, friends, earth, community, and all life.” Karen Buckley

Karen Wilhelm Buckley is Co-Director and Founder of The Wisdom Connection. Her work to develop leaders with an integrated wisdom, one that includes the best of the masculine and feminine, has informed her speaking, publishing, coaching and consulting since 1980.

Karen loves to help women and men accomplish their missions – she loves to help build businesses, transform relationships, and create a deeply satisfying life. Whether starting from step one with a new idea or refining and gaining momentum on something you’ve been working on for a long time, talk with Karen. She can help you get the roadblocks out of the way and enjoy your life’s journey in a whole new way.

What is feminine wisdom?Gina Lazenby interviewed Karen in 2010 – click here to see if you agree.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners create the business of their dreams. They learn how to have high impact sustainable results in their organizations, communities, and lives as they develop strategies, capacities, and tools through Karen’s personalized coaching.

Along with a team of remarkable women, Karen hosted a series of women’s forums exploring the questions about the relationship of feminine wisdom and leadership. The Women’s Forums, Honoring the Wisdom and Power of Women Leaders, were held in San Francisco in 2003 and Switzerland in 2005 with Spirit in Business International, [], and in Santa Barbara in 2004 at the World Business Academy, “Global Mind Change” conference.

In addition, as Founder and Principle of Communicore Consulting, Karen works with leaders with powerful missions to help them accomplish those missions. As a consultant, trainer, and leadership coach for several decades she has experience you can count on. She has partnered with non-profit, government and for-profit endeavors to expand their rich potential, build thriving businesses, and establish cooperative hi-leverage partnerships.

Karen is a published author and public speaker in the fields of organizational change, wisdom leadership, feminine wisdom, and women’s leadership. She is a Fellow of the World Business Academy and a Founding Board member of the Spirit in Business Institute.

Because of a passion for spirit-based whole-child education she co-founded the GreenWood School in 1992, an innovative Waldorf inspired elementary school that continues to thrive today. Her two college-age children, husband, dog, kitty, and cockatiel keep her fully engaged when at home in beautiful Mill Valley, California where she has lived for twenty years.

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