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Stretching the Limits of my Old Self Image

August 2, 2011

Like each of you, I want to go for it, stretch outside the limits of my old self image. Jump past my preconceived notions about what I can and can’t do. When I forget my feminine wisdom is right there inside me and guiding me into change I feel tethered in the past. I shrink and feel too small to grow into a new me.

Cramped in my old self image sometimes I feel like I want to explode. Too often suppression leads to anger. This building pressure comes out in strident directives to my team at work or crabby reactions to an unexpected change.

When I shove my inner wisdom down my confidence wobbles and my head swims in confusion. My leadership suffers. Anyone else ever feel this way?

What does your inner wisdom most want in order to flourish?

This exquisite feminine being inside of me wants to know that she is ok, beautiful, and loved. She wants respect, challenge, and encouragement. She wants to feel that her ways are right and good and welcomed, even invited. She wants me to love her in the same way I love my children – compassionately encouraging each next step, celebrating each new discovery with delight, and holding them close when they hurt.
How about you? How do you deepen connection to your wisdom? What does your wise feminine want and need?  I’d love to know.
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