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A New Set of Eyes

August 11, 2011

Sometimes we all need a thinking partner, “You give me a new set of eyes. You call me on my crap, cry with me, share my joy, celebrate me within my triumphs and help me see what is often right in front of my eyes and heart that I am not yet able to see.”

One of my coaching clients sent me this in a long beautiful card. I feel honored to walk beside her through what has been a very difficult year, personally and professionally.

As we talk each week, she sheds her pervasive feelings of guilt, shame and frustration and begins to see the new possibilities, access her real potentials, and  feel her natural joy. We laugh a lot. Her feminine wisdom comes back into focus. She feels motivated again! It’s amazing. She remembers  just how competent she really is and all the ways her wise leadership is needed and invited in the world.  Then she’s back on track and able to take action in ways that are important to her in her work and life.

Consider reaching out this week. Find someone who can give you a new set of eyes.

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  1. Tina Kelly Green permalink
    August 11, 2011 8:47 pm

    So true Karen. What a wonderful reminder of how each of us may provide and be provided a new set of eyes. With gratitude for the gifts you share.

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