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Guilt Derails Business Success

September 28, 2011

Guilt really pulls at our heartstrings. It can be heartbreaking as it takes us down the same old road and into the same old potholes again and again. Guilt derails business success, wrecks relationships, and diminishes our satisfaction with life!

Did you ever see that verse:

I walked down the road and fell in the hole.

I walked down the road again and fell in the hole.

I walked down the road again and this time I noticed the hole. I still fell in.

I walked down the road again and this time I walked around the hole!

I walked down a different road.

Women leaders sabotage their own potential when they repeat patterns of guilt. The only way out? Step aside and walk down a different road. It’s a discipline, like any other business practice that is essential for success.

This week, on one of our free telecalls, we explored how to stay present, authentic and in the moment so that your natural wisdom and insights come forward. Listen in as I dialogue with Carole Sacino, co-author of Savvy Leadership Strategies for Women and Empowering Transformations for Women. She is a clearly a wise feminine Gardener – looking for and cultivating potential where ever she goes. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN.

What do you do when guilt puts you in a hole? How do you find a new road? I’d love to know.

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