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Take the Leap

October 13, 2011

Are you ready to shift from repeating the past to creating a new future? Give yourself permission. Take the leap. Your wisdom may be your underutilized source of power and leadership.

When your wisdom remains untapped, you suffer. You are unable to translate your observations into action.  Your connections with others can feel superficial and inauthentic. What you know remains locked within you. Your effectiveness is diminished.

Your wisdom can be a source of power! It starts with valuing your wise self.

I took a leap last week when I spoke at the recent Women’s International Networking Conference (WIN) in Rome Italy. At the beginning of the talk I asked the room of 70+ businesswomen to settle into their feminine wisdom. They found it easy! From this center they reported that they felt confident, alive, perceptive, capable, accessible, and smart. They knew what was theirs to do and felt prepared to do it.

I shared with them 4 steps to develop wisdom and help wise leaders incorporate it into tough work environments. The secret is in the Yes.

1. Recognize your wise self. Say Yes. Value it.
2. Cultivate and Develop your wisdom. Seek out places and experiences that support you.
3. Develop a small secure network of other explorers or wisdom partners. Share, amplify and make each of your wisdom ‘right’.
4. Proactively ask and listen to your wise self. Find courage and act on what you hear.
Take the initiative. You can’t wait for anyone else or your organization to start valuing your wise perceptions.It’s up to you to recognize and develop the power and value of your wisdom.
Enjoy the leap! I love the feeling of being in mid-air.:) 
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