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Do Women Build Businesses Differently?

October 18, 2011
Women building businesses love to get done what matters the most to them. To get traction on their business priorities. To contribute to their communities and world by bringing their feminine power and wisdom to work.
The research shows – we build businesses differently. We don’t usually develop a business plan from our heads. Instead, we feel our way into building our business – we feel with our hearts and our passion and our deepest desires. Then, we marry that knowing with our intellect and intuition within the beautiful sphere of relationships that we live inside of each day.
Women of courage are building their businesses around the world! My friend Asha in Somalia told me all about the brave women in her country who have taken over the small businesses because their husbands are off fighting in the clan wars or even killed or maimed in the wars. It is entirely unthinkable for women to be involved in business there. They are not part of the daily decision making. Yet, they are finding out just how good they are – and the smarts they are putting to work to feed their children and keep their communities thriving.
 If you are a woman, how do you build business differently than your male counterparts? If you are a guy, how do you conduct business differently than your women colleagues? I’d love to know.
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