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3 questions to Rebuild Confidence

December 3, 2011

When we don’t feel confident it is hard to start to feel confident! It’s a cycle that can be like quicksand. Sometimes, when I get caught there I use questions to get myself out – it’s the only way to stop my whirring mind.  Here are a couple that I pull out of my hip pocket again and again:

  • Right now, what do I know to be true? (That way I stop fantasizing, fearing, worrying, hoping)
  • Right now, what am I curious about? (Curiosity is a great strength – it opens the door to new ways to see the same old thing)
  • When was a time when I felt centered, strong and in-balance this week? (Describe the time to yourself or someone else – remembering the feelings of that time can help you reclaim them right now if you are feeling uncentered)

You’ll find more questions on the Wisdom Connection website under the Resources Workbook section. All of these stimulate and  build your feminine wisdom, the source of unending confidence. They are great questions that we use in Coaching, our programs, and Teleclasses and they Work! Guaranteed! (But only if you sit down, take a breath, and actually do them. 🙂 )

It’s so easy to forget to do what is easy, tried and true. What works for you?

Be gentle with yourself,


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