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Authentic Connection: A Journey into Wise Leadership

December 6, 2011

Do you want to become a leader in a community of women leaders who are changing the future of our planet? It’s so much easier when you set yourself up with wisdom partners, mutual accountability, and wiser perspectives so you get right back up  when you lose track of what’s working. We don’t create a fulfilling life alone – we do so in relationship and authentic connection and that is what the Next Octave Women’s Leadership Program is all about.

For six months a small circle of wise women journey together through a powerful 3 part cycle of Discover, Design, and Develop.

First we Discover What is So and who we really are.  If you are like me you immediately can think of the problems or areas where you lack! We all give these plenty of air time inside our own heads.  The positive psychology research shows that we diminish our effectiveness and confidence when we get over 20% negative thoughts!

Instead, in the Next Octave Women’s Leadership Program we are there for each other. We celebrate and appreciate all that is positive and strong. It’s amazing to see the women open their hearts to each other as they make lists of what’s working and what they love about their lives.

Then, we work together to Design what can be added or taken away in so that each woman’s life refines to an elegance and simplicity that really serves her and her leadership.

Finally, we Develop new ways of living, add to our skills, learn flowframes that make sense of growing moments, develop our gifts, and find a greater confidence than we ever imagined.

These three steps take each woman into the next octave of her leadership. They also lay the groundwork for her life to unfold with unimaginable joy and personal fulfillment. They give her the capacity to be a wise woman leading change that benefits the world and generations to come.

I’d love to learn about your next octave. What do you most want to create? Where are you called? Contact me and let’s talk.


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