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Surprisingly my Leadership is more Powerful

December 9, 2011

“Feminine wisdom means trusting my instincts, gently saying what I actually see, cutting to the chase faster, and feeling more positive assurance inside. As a result, I do less and produce bigger results. I used to over-function and make things happen by sheer force. I’m learning to surrender into an emerging flow and rely on others more. Rather than leading from control and drive, I am more patient and compassionate and surprisingly my leadership is more powerful.” Jennifer Kenny

Jennifer Kenny recently was hired as Chief Information Officer (Interim) at SRI International (formerly Stanford Research Institute). When she signed up for the Next Octave Women’s Leadership Program in the fall of 2010 she had no idea what feminine wisdom meant – she just knew deep inside that it was time to find out.

Over the past year, Jennifer developed a very pragmatic relationship with her feminine. She’s concerned with sensible results. Now she naturally expresses an embodied wisdom as a leader, catalyzing positive change and engaged performance.

Resting in her wholeness, the big circle of all that she is, she takes the next step and the next. From her WiseCore each step is revealed.

Don’t you love celebrating wise women leaders!?


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