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Amazon Book Review: Business and The Feminine Principle by Carol R. Frenier

December 13, 2011

Business and the Feminine Principle highlights questions that we ask ourselves as we become women leaders. Carol Frenier’s lovely vulnerability, and her own challenges, invite us to take a step and perhaps even a risk to express feminine wisdom in our businesses and life. A good storyteller, she makes the principles and approaches of the feminine accessible. She celebrates the naturalness and extraordinary power of our feminine ways while pointing to the challenges of speaking about it coherently and using it in all situations.

Carol reflects that, “…when it comes time for questioning the way things are in the public sphere, it is especially difficult to give voice to our feminine sensibilities.” Robert Stein says, the feminine is “not communicated by word or rite but by presence and being”. (page 138) Carol questions: “If something cannot be put into language, is it real?” This is a central question for women in management and leadership.
Every day women seek to access and express their feminine in business: If I act from this sometimes ineffable deep rich inner feminine, will I still be competitive? How can I get respect in a mainly masculine business culture?
Carol challenges us to recognize that “there is still a great danger that we will think that having women in positions of power is enough, when it is the integration of the feminine principle that will really contribute to the creation of a more balanced culture.”

Women connecting with their wisdom and leading in feminine ways is essential for the survival and evolution of humankind. This book can help you to find your way into your own very personal and quietly or boldly passionate leadership.

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