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Penetrating the Wall of My Hesitation

February 2, 2012

Wisdom is a journey, a time where I discover the means to penetrate the wall of my hesitation. Uncertainty makes me waver. My wisdom finds ways through the walls and wobbles by helping me to accept rather than discount my experiences, work through my feelings rather than running from them. Without my wisdom I don’t know where to start. My wise center is a guide to a path I didn’t know existed.

I forget to be faint-hearted when I cultivate my wisdom. Shyness or timidity used to shackle my ankles, making it tough to take the risk and step into what I most wanted to do or even say “I’d really like that and I’d like it that way.” Centered in my WiseCore I simply act, I clearly speak, in connection with those I’m speaking to and the aliveness of their own journey into wisdom.

My willingness and ability to act on that which matters the most to me grows. This is leadership. When I cultivate my WiseCore first, authentic communications become the hallmark of the way I lead.

Where does your wisdom bring you?

Peggy Reskin graduated from the Wisdom Connection Next Octave Women’s Leadership Program. One day, I asked her what happens when she is in her wisdom. She said,Once on this wisdom road, I’m more me and yet it isn’t about me. It is about what needs attention, where some healing might be needed. It’s about sharing the joy and the privilege of being alive.” 



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  1. March 29, 2012 5:59 pm

    Just found this, Karen, and you know it’s really so true, true then, true now, and thank you for sharing this. Thank you for keeping on keeping on with open heart and open hand, inviting play, participation and discovery! Best, Peggy

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