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What Happens When we are Wise? Wise Results.

February 11, 2012

What happens when we activate our wisdom? What changes?

When my daughter, Moreia, was a Senior in college, she emailed me this story. It speaks directly to the gifts of wisdom.

Here’s the background: with the professor’s permission, Moreia completed and handed in a series of complex paintings a week after the quarter ended,. But then week after week no grade appeared in her record and now she was up against a registration deadline. She visited his office and sent emails to no avail.

Finally, a favorable coincidence gave her an elegant way to create a relationship  that could help her influence the professor. Her request was clear and said in a way that some new connections could hear and help. (Oh, if only I was that wise at 22!)

When I woke today I still had no grade from my professor. I emailed him again and went to work. At work I had a table of 7 women who were loud, indecisive, basically not my favorite kind of table. But I smiled and used my feminine wisdom to engage as I made them laugh, drink & eat. Later in the meal they mentioned that they worked in the Registrars office (one of the women was the director). Through different jokes and comments I mentioned I had a serious matter to discuss with their office but I wasn’t sure if I could get off work in time. I asked if I could tell them now and they invited me to. I explained the situation and gave them my e-mail. The second server did not show up and I did not get home until too late to go into the office. I did however, check my email on break and I’d received an email from my customer, Lynn, saying that she had called the director of the art department asking for my grade. The next evening, my professor ate in my section and told me he had been called in to give me a grade! I just got off work and received an email, from Lynn, that everything has been taken care of & how much she appreciated my service. Anyone who says waitressing is not an honorable or useful job is wrong. 🙂 Love u!

From a sold foundation of a sense of personal value, confidence in the rightness of her request, and an ability to be kindly direct in her communication she overcame her frustration and waited for an opening, then acted! Feminine wisdom in action.

How were you wise today?

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