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Something Extraordinary is Happening

March 30, 2012
Something extraordinary is happening. All over the world myth is bursting through. Most of us were raised in print culture wherein principles of continuity, uniformity, and repeatability were elevated over the more organic principles of discontinuity, simultaneity, and multiple associations. Now the mythic flavor of the more ancient, organic perspective returns, and chaos theory becomes lauded as the way things work. We look for flow patterns rather than for linear cause-effect explanations. Resonance has become far more important than relevance, and nothing is truly hidden anymore.
How are people experiencing the nature of this new reality–the rising of the depth currents of all times, all cultures and all experiences? Its effects are felt in the fascination with myth, the seeking of spiritual experience, the revival of the knowings of indigenous people, the rising of a world music which incorporates and sustains the knowings of many regions, styles of clothing that mix and match continents on a single body, while artists everywhere are trying to make sense of it all with art that challenges the imagination, and brings new mind and new materials to bear on radically new circumstances. Clearly, we have all become “mything” links!  Jean Houston, Facebook post

What Jean describes is the basis of wise leadership today. Organizations spend more time and resources on the interfacing dynamics in-between than they do in the linear production of results. Yet, performance reviews and bonuses are still structured on the old model.

So is my own mind.  Some days it’s tough to trust the discontinuities, the flow as more vital than the continuous repeatable results.

How are you living your own unfolding? Can you give an A-rating to the flow of your resonance rather than mainly to the form of your production?

In celebration of our wisdom,


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