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3 Questions: Get Unstuck and Catalyze New Thoughts

April 19, 2012

Karen BuckleyWhen I get stuck, I use questions to catalyze new thoughts. Here are 3 of my Favorites:

1. What 3 things do you know know about yourself  (what you want, don’t want, and are interested in) that you did not know 6 months ago?

For instance I didn’t know that I love Goji berries (my new go to snack straight from the Himalayas) and I didn’t know the new definition of wisdom I just wrote and loved in my book draft.

2. What are two elements of your biggest boldest vision for your life in 5 years?

My biggest, boldest (told no one else yet) vision is that I’ve published multiple award-winning books. This is BOLD as I’ve published ebooks and been included in books but not a full hard cover book of my own – yet!

3. What is one self-limitation that you are ready to let go of? (could be a thought pattern, a way you behave, an agreement you’ve made with yourself that no longer fits)

I’m ready to let go of my comparative mind – the voice in me that says that’s less than mine, she’s more than me, etc. Done!

How about you? What can you discover when you spend a few minutes answering these?

Asking new questions can mean you get unstuck, reduce stress, and think new thoughts as you unlock your wisdom. Try applying these to work, home, and inner life.

How do they help you to develop your leadership? The more you know about yourself, the more access you have to your fullest expression of personal power.



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