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Your Advice Please

May 20, 2012
Karen Wilhelm Buckley

On Molokai leading Women’s Retreat in May 2012

I’d love 3 minutes of your time to ask your advice. Your advice will be greatly appreciated by other women learning how to utilize and integrate their feminine wisdom into everyday work and home.

1. What is one way you use your feminine wisdom to increase success in your work, community organizing, family, or business?

2. What does your day look like when it includes feminine wisdom? How is it different?

3. From your experience, what is essential to remember about feminine wisdom?

Thanks! We are all learning to include feminine wisdom in each and every day of our work, play, and connection.

I’ll share the insights I receive, carefully attributing your name and title if you want.

In the mirror of each others’ wisdom lies a lot of self acceptance and acceptance of each other even with all our differences. When we get more comfortable with who we are – the scope and impact of our leadership grows, which is what the world needs.


P.S. All of us learning to lead from feminine wisdom can benefit from regular doses of inspiration which is one of the reasons why I have developed the Next Octave Women’s Leadership Webinar. Come share your insight and learn from other women as well.

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