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Join me at My New Blog!

January 20, 2020

Recently I designed a new website, and updated my blog . Please visit me there for many new posts with recent leading edge thinking, practical exercises, and skill building.

My commitment continues to be that each of you will be the wise leader you can be, more willing and able to manage complex change, develop leaders, start and run your own business, contribute as an effective manager and leader to the business you are in and plan sustainable growth.

A number of my blogs speak specifically to women in leadership – both to the skills and approaches relevant to women as well as to the organizational culture that best utilizes the natural gifts and talents of women.

Through my organizational consulting and executive coaching I continue to partner with leaders and teams, developing their leadership and helping them fulfill their purpose, their personal mission, while running highly effective organizations and teams.

I continue to join you in our work toward a world sustainable for all life, for generations to come.

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