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How were You Wise Today?

May 24, 2011

“How were you wise today?” is our favorite question at The Wisdom Connection.

I asked my mom that question yesterday and she said something touching, “I should ask myself that every day because then I wouldn’t let other people’s criticism or worries get me down.” So true. My heart broke when I thought of anyone criticizing her. Even at 82, my  mom is a business owner, wife, mother, and friend who feels things deeply.

We’ve asked hundreds of women and men this question across the US and in Europe. Every person has an answer. They describe moments of speaking up for what mattered, easing someone’s pain, showing they care, stopping an argument or easing a conflict. They tell about smart decisions, looking ahead to see the consequences of an action, and focusing on what really matters.

I was wise today when I took a long walk on the Northern California bluffs (I’m staying at Sea Ranch – big thanks to M’Lu!). Before the walk I felt like a pretzel, concerned and frustrated about something small. Frozen, not moving into solving the problem I felt only like I wanted to avoid life. Facebook surfing ensued.

In the face of ferocious winds and surging waves I re-found my wisdom and settled back into the grace of so much more than a tiny momentary glitch. All of a sudden I found my self in the present moment and I could feel my future once again.

Tell me – I’d love to know – how were you wise today?


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