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Wisdom in a Performance Review?

June 29, 2011

Just imagine – you walk in to your next performance review and they ask you, “How were you wise today?”

When I suggest that in a speech, everyone laughs. It’s laughable because too many reviews feel punitive or focus solely on how much you accomplish. Is that your experience?

Yet, don’t we want our employees, our team members, our leaders to be wise in their decisions and actions? Don’t we want them to bring their wisdom  to the table? I sure do.

I hope that the men and women deciding how to deal with the wildfires in New Mexico approaching Los Alamos nuclear waste dump bring their intelligence, experience, and their wisdom to the table. I hope they take a breath, continue to step beyond self interest or fear, and listen deeply for what else they might consider.

How were you wise today? I’d love to know.


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