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Lynne Twist on the Wise Leader

July 8, 2011

Lynne Twist inspires wise leaders! She expresses and acts on what matters the most to her, often with tears in her eyes. It’s a joy to be next to Lynne. She doesn’t hold back. She leans into creating good with everything she does catalyzing, guiding and cheering everyone using their wisdom to lead change.

Lynne is feminine wisdom in action!

Listen here to an excerpt of a dialogue with Lynne that I hosted with Fay Freed at Conversations with Remarkable Women, December 2009. Lynne’s voice moves me to tears. .LISTEN >

Lynne speaks on becoming a wise leader: “Don’t separate yourself from the pain of the world. Deepen your heart and capacity for joy. Know that it will make you a more courageous person.”

“Leadership now is a function of listening. Listening has as much power as speaking. Listening takes skill and patience.”

Lynne TwistLynne Twist, Pachamama Alliance and The Soul of Money Institute and Wise Woman Leader


How were you wise today? I am so blessed to be contact with you and your wisdom!


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