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Designing Your Life for Love

July 9, 2011

In meditation this morning, in the midst of peacefully counting my breath I lost count. My mind struggled. I returned to my breath – lost count  – found my breath again.  As my mind quieted, this phrase arose:

“What is more important than a design for your life that engenders more love?”

All other considerations fell away.

In that moment, I understood that designing my life to engender more love is the real work before me.

When I express love I release the safety valves that restrict the flow of intimacy. My wisdom grows.

I yearn for intimacy more than safety, wisdom more than fear. I want to soften my desire to please, release my inner demands to perform, burn out my perfectionism.

In opening to more love, parts of me feel creaky, like an old door opening with rusty hinges. Most of me feels like a big smile.

And, love expressed isn’t just nice, it’s fierce resolve that dismisses lies and sears through resistance. The wise leaders I admire express this kind of love.

I’m a yes! I am willing to listen for, envision and design my life for love. Except, what does that look like?

I’m going to keep writing on this in my morning reflections this week. Will you join me?


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