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Cultivating Change Readiness

July 10, 2011

Finding stillness in the tumult, real connection in the swirl, depth in the fast pace – these matter!

Increasingly everything seems so unpredictable. Some days, do you find it’s tough to stay steady through all the changes that come your way? That’s what I hear.

As the rate of change increases, we all need to get smarter and wiser about how to lead change. (BTW:  click here and download 3 keys to developing change readiness.)

Most transitions include the mess, reordering, dismantling, reorganizing and hidden surprises that sometimes throw everything to the wind. Design this into your change plan for more resilience through the ups and downs whether you are responding to change at home or in the office.

With the following 7 questions you can guide the kind of good conversations that take a team through the chaos of questioning and help them let go of the way things used to be. These questions also surface the tender hopes and bold aspirations that move everyone toward a new future.

  1. What is working that we’ll build on in making any change?What’s the new that we are looking for? What problem do we want to solve?
  2. What do we most hope to change?
  3. What do we want to not change? What do we want to remain steady?
  4. What concerns us? What do we fear might happen if we make this change?
  5. What do we most want (in our heart of hearts) to come out of this change?
  6. What’s the best that could happen? What’s the worst? What’s most likely to happen if we make this change?
  7. Who else needs to be included in this conversation?

I’ve used these hundreds of times over the years in consulting with teams and leaders ready to make a change. Simple but powerful, they can take a person or a system from reluctance to commitment.

What additional questions do you use to cultivate readiness for change? I’d love to know.



The latest Wise Leadership through Change report is all about Cultivating Readiness. Download it by clicking here.

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