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Why Feminine Wisdom Matters

July 19, 2011

To me it matters right now that each and every one of us trust and use our wise feminine approaches in our leadership. Why? Given the current decline of our economy and all major life systems around the world, it sure doesn’t seem like business as usual is the way through.

Yet, there is indeed good news. Daily I speak with women around the world. As they embrace their familiar, yet sometimes less known, feminine ways, they jump into more influential ways of doing what is theirs to do. It’s so exciting! They begin to speak candidly and directly because so much depends on it. They figure out new ways to make more of a difference in their family, community or business.

What is feminine wisdom? In true women’s style – it’s not a definition we need. It’s a personal thing! We all know our own feminine wisdom – that essential place inside where we really trust ourselves.

Or we know other women who we consider feminine and wise. Try it! Think of a woman who you consider especially wise. Perhaps someone from the past or someone you know today. How would you describe her?

I remember my grandmother Fern. She was a compassionate, articulate woman who lived her feminine wisdom each and every day. The first to drive a car in Burien, WA.. A writer in the local newspaper. An organizer when the community had a need. In addition, she cared for an invalid sister with grace, put up a mammoth garden of produce and orchard of apple trees. Taught me to bake applesauce bread and looked me in the eye more than once with such direct love and trust that I became more myself because of her.

Who do you know who is a wise woman? How would you describe her? How do you feel when you are with her? Experience teaches us more about feminine wisdom than any well researched definition.If you can’t feel your own inner strength, ask another wife to be a mirror and reflect your beauty back to you!

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