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A Wiser Girl and The Girl Effect

October 4, 2011

I remember a time at our dining room table. My dad was talking with his friends about politics. The women were quiet. My sisters and I were bored. One of the women spoke up and offered a different perspective. It woke me from my stupor. At 14 I knew an intelligent comment when I heard one and expected that she would get an intelligent reply. Instead, the men chuckled in a patronizing way, her husband patted her hand, and they continued the conversation as though she wasn’t even in the room.

My jaw clenched. My shoulders tightened. I determined that would never happen to me! At that moment I decided to learn how to speak out the way that men spoke so that I would be considered an equal. So I watched them furrow their brows, gesture strongly, lower their voices, look solemn and wise. I practiced in the mirror. Signed up for debate class at school. Joined the “legislation” club and made sure I developed good arguments.

While it wasn’t as much fun as more girly things it did accomplish what I wanted – I got respect. 🙂

After rolling that routine out for years and years the tension in my shoulders, head, and jaw were unbearable. I wasn’t having as much fun as I wanted, either. Plus, my confidence wobbled all the time because I was faking it till I made it. My fears got the best of me. I was sure i would be “found out” any day.

Finally, I’d had enough of my play acting. I decided that my deep luscious, feminine really is wise and beautiful and…my friend!

Now I’ve empowered myself as a woman. As I give her a voice, move like a woman in my body, and I discover that she is powerful – filled with soft wise feminine power. I don’t feel drained at the end of the day anymore. Joy fills my being and my life, fountaining out into everything that I do.

What if  I’d seen strong opinionated women celebrated and welcomed when I was a girl? The possibilities are endless! How might my life have been different? Take a look at The Girl Effect video. Join me in loving the girl in you.

Check this out too – women all around the world are blogging about The Girl Effect video.






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  1. Beverly permalink
    October 5, 2011 9:02 am

    To discover our authentic self and then to accept our fullness is a blessing!

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