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A Formula for Success

October 5, 2011

Wise leadership is the willingness to risk being a visible vocal agent for change.” Jan Phillips

On September 14th I spoke with Jan Phillips, author of No Ordinary Time and The Art of Original Thinking as well as a compelling speaker. Jan is a wise feminine Alchemist, powerfully sharing her key to happiness and formula for success as a wise leader. I asked her how she stays on track and centered with all her fire and drive for catalyzing change.  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN>

Jan spoke clearly about what she does to turn creativity into passionate action.

“What can you do to turn creativity into passionate action? Listen to what most touches your heart. Where is your power? hunger? joy?

Then apportion out your time equally between community, solitude, prayer and service. This balance causes bliss for me! If I’m out of bliss – I re-balance my time portfolio.” Jan Phillips

Apportion out your time equally between community, solitude, prayer, and service? What a change that would be in my life – yet, it’s what my soul hungers for.

In the late 80’s I facilitated the annual retreat for the Department Heads of the Environmental Protection Agency. To open I asked them to share their expectations for the meeting. There was a lot at stake and their responses showed how much they each cared about the outcome of this time together. Yet, one voice stood out. Bob spoke with calm resonance and his perspective included all sides.

On a break I asked him some variation of “who are you?” and how did you come to this wise perspective. He rose at 4:00am each morning to find enough time for solitude to balance his very full day as a top lawyer for the EPA. It made a difference! We could all hear and feel it.

As change agents it’s easy to forget the structured discipline and time planning that we need for maximum effectiveness and satisfaction. Too often I talk with leaders with a compelling sense of mission and purpose. Long lists of critical actions move them out of bed and into motion every day.

But it’s easy to forget about the disciplines that fuel their inner engines. They end up overwhelmed or bogged down in stacking priorities. Their vision narrows and actions lack impact.

What is your formula for success? Have you discovered inner disciplines that fuel your inner engine?

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