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Passion and Purpose in Business?

October 7, 2011
A year ago we were all inspired by a conversation with special guest Julie Watts on the theme of passion and purpose in business. What is hers? How did she find it? How does she keep the fires lit?
Julie, we loved the story of your epiphany! Your feminine wisdom shines through.

And Julie, thanks for your vulnerability. When you told us about your calendar full of only “good girl” events I felt for you.. I don’t know about you but my good girl is such a sweet charming person and at the same time can really get in the way of accomplishing my highest business priorities – really putting my attention on what is mine to do. My good girl is nervous of bold new steps too and comes up with all kinds of good excuses to go clean up the kitchen first.

When I think of that great quote “Well behaved women rarely make history”. a self-reflection question comes to mind: What am I holding myself back from doing because it doesn’t fit my good girl routine? Do I want to do it? Will it make a difference that matters to me? (I’m not really interested in being bad for bad’s sake even though my bad girl does deserve some time in life! 🙂

OK, back to the teleclass – one question came up again and again in all the emails we received afterward:

What about if I’m passionate about a bunch of different things? How do I put them together in a career?

Before I head out for a walk with my neighbor and our dogs, here are some first thoughts. More tomorrow!

Do you ever feel like you are being pulled apart? Can’t really sink your teeth into one thing?

Take a look – There is likely a theme that runs through your different and sometimes competing passions. Once you have hold of that theme then you can find that several different paths will all carry it out. Your theme is probably obvious! I thought mine was too ordinary – just like everyone else’s – so I denied it for a long time.

Once I laid claim though I realized it simply is: to “help people actualize their fullest potentials”. As a coach and program leader I’ve supported many men and women in the discovery and expression of their potentials. As a company consultant I also partnered with companies and their leaders and staff to free up higher levels of performance and creativity.

I speak and write about feminine wisdom, change, intuition, and spirit in business because they were each different doorways to get to potential.

What is the line that runs through your different interests? Try this: put out the colored markers and a big piece of paper. Draw/write each of your interest areas on the paper without relationship to each other. Then draw a circle around them all. What is the wish that encompasses them all? What do you most want to see happen because of you being you? What will make your heart come alive?

I’d love to know – what is your theme? What kindles your passion?

Till the next time,

Karen Buckley

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