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The Change Ladder – 4 steps up

October 10, 2011

Ready to initiate, provoke, catalyze a change? Be wise. It’s all in the set-up and here are 4 steps up the ladder to successful change:

1. Feel: What do you really want to see happen?  What’s essential? Discover your real motivation, what really matters, and you’ll clear the path forward.
2. Ask: Who else will this change affect? Who is necessary for implementation? Who’s view do I value? Make a list and design a way to include, inform, or involve so your key influencers are on board.
3. Act: Trust your instincts, express your passion, initiate, innovate, encourage. Lean into it, hesitation communicates uncertainty.
4. Listen: Stay awake to the right rhythm, volume, or pitch of the movement you are instigating. Check for unanticipated consequences. Listen to your wisest self as you step up.

As a wise leader, what is emerging? What change do you most want to catalyze – if you weren’t “waiting for permission”? More on building change readiness in this free report.

Seth Godin says in Poke The Box, “The simple thing that separates successful individuals from those who languish is the very thing that separates exciting and growing organizations from those that stagnate and die. the winners have turned initiative into a passion and a practice.”

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