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The Crone as Guide into the Unknown

March 8, 2012

Guest blogger Dale Allen continues our journey into the Crone archetype and how she is our guide through the unknown. As leaders in home, community, or work, we are leading through dismantling of many structures and relationships. Post a comment and tell us all about your own relationship with the Crone or ask Dale a question.

You’ll love my interview with Dale from Tuesday, March 6, 2012. Sign up here to receive access to the recording.

I celebrate you, your wisdom and your leadership – in connection for the benefit of the world!  Karen Buckley

Part 3

Our journey to the inner Crone archetype goes beyond the personal to the collective.

I believe that the metaphor of standing uncertain in a winter landscape—needing to turn inward, into the stillness—is a valid metaphor for the collective consciousness on our planet right now. Collectively, we just don’t know what’s going to happen or where we’re all headed. We suspect something new wants to be born. In the traditional wisdom cycle, we think it must be: birth, growth, death, renewal. The birth cannot come until the death happens. We learned this tradition in the logical/linear fashion: we want to start at the beginning, at the birth, as if nothing preceded it.

But in feminine wisdom, it’s an ever-turning circle:  birth, growth, death, renewal, birth, growth, death, renewal.  We know collectively, that the way that we have been operating is not going to last. It’s not going to continue. Things are crumbling, things are falling apart. Even so, we sense on the deepest level inside ourselves that we didn’t come here to Earth for failure. We didn’t come here for ultimate destruction. We came here because inside us, within our Souls, there is a seed. Every one of us holds this seed as Co-Creators of a new paradigm on this planet. The only way we can do it is if we are willing—right now, all of us—to remain in this space of stillness for a while, unknowing, even though it can be tough to do.

The Crone is such a big part of my life right now. Even though I know better, the most painful thing I do is delude myself into thinking that I am having a solo experience here. I’m really not. The moment I think I am on my own, the moment I think that whatever pains or disturbances I’m feeling are mine and mine alone, I’ve bought into a great falsity, the ultimate trick. In truth, my whole subterranean, psychic landscape is shared with you, just as I share yours. Collectively, especially in these times, there is a lot of fear. There is sorrow. There is also a lot of courage.

If you are ever in a moment—or I should say, when you are next in a moment—when you feel the pain and discomfort of not-knowing, understand that you are not alone. We are all in this together. We all share this moment on the planet for a reason. We have waited lifetimes for this lifetime.

You count, you matter, you are critical to what wants to be created. Know that, and know it well. Don’t try to fast-forward to spring. Stay with me, if you will, in the light of the Crone’s fire, stay in the stillness and together we will emerge into the dawn of new beginnings. The Archetypes That Shape A Woman’s Life – The Crone©   —  By Dale Allen

In an upcoming blog series, I will explore the gifts of the Maiden archetype. Let me know if you’d like Karen to feature this here!

Dale Allen has been described as “a living Goddess, a bright light, a messenger, a teacher, a storyteller who was born to be listened to!”   She has brought her talents to scores of audiences—nationwide and from Kauai to Dubai—with her one-woman show, In Our Right Minds™, A Celebration of Women, the Sacred Feminine and the Right Brain.

Ms. Allen is a veteran of corporate and commercial communications. Her extensive resume includes hundreds of voice-over, on-camera, and live presentation projects. Some of the most quality-conscious companies (among them, BMW, General Electric, and Canon) have chosen her to represent their brands. She is an accomplished lecturer, workshop facilitator, playwright, and theatrical actress. She received the 2011 Sparky Catalyst Award for Inspirational Women in Los Angeles. Described as having the energy of “a Cape Canaveral lift-off,” she thoroughly engages and inspires her audiences, ranging from highly-educated corporate leaders to teenage girls seeking their place in the world.

Her full performance DVD is available at

Thank you Dale! Please visit Dale’s website to learn more about her beautiful work and listen to some of her powerful dramatic talks. —

Blessings, Karen

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