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Let’s Celebrate your Wisdom!

March 10, 2012

One of my dearest friends is very wise. She sees the potential in me when my vision is shadowy. She uses the power of her gentleness, the strength of her love, and the clarity of her insight so that every one around her flourishes. She’s an absolute joy, with a lovely ability to discern what really matters.

While many men consider themselves wise, many women question whether they have wisdom. They might think wisdom has to do with age (older is wiser) or sex (the image of the white man with the beard) or a certain erudite character. It’s an effect of the cultural context I refer to in earlier blogs and dive into in depth in my upcoming book. I’m working on it every day this week and I feel so happy doing so.

It’s amazing that many women, like my dear friend, are very wise; yet, when asked, just about every woman hesitates to claim their wisdom. If I asked you, “How were you wise this week”, it might be the first time you’ve ever been asked this question, or thought about your self in this way. You might speak about it in a shy or self-dismissive manner, but yet, in just a few minutes, you would most likely tell me about a feeling, an insight or decision, a time you communicated your truth or an action you took. You would tell me why you considered them to be wise and why they were important to you. And then another, and another. Once we got you started, it would be hard to stop!

Would you share your wisdom with all of us? How were you wise this week? Let’s celebrate your wisdom!

When you post your comment let me know if you are interested, and I’ll send you an advance copy of part of the Wisdom Chapter of my upcoming book.  Maybe I’ll even use your example in the book!

Many Blessings, Karen

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