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Step One – Notice

March 24, 2012

A flowering tree opens, expands and grows with simple encouragement – water, light, mulch.  Keep it in the dark, or expect it to grow without attention and we get a weak spindly tree, bearing little fruit.

Like the tree, without mindful awareness, our wisdom languishes until it is nothing we can count on in tough times.We have an intuition of our wisdom, our inherent wholeness, yet we lose track of it. Angst, worry, insecurity follow until we forget who we really are.

When we are sick and tired of acting in unwise ways, repeating same-old foolish choices, we too often delude ourselves that someone else has the answer for us. Yet, our wisdom is already there – available to be cultivated, ready to be used.

4 simple, yet powerful, steps develop wisdom, the kind of inner knowing that gives us sensible solutions that last, intelligent choices, and a life that expresses who we truly are. Here is step 1 on the path.The Path to Wisdom

Step 1 –

  1. Notice when you are wise or when those around you are wise.
    1. Name it. Appreciating wisdom adds life to any conversation. Speak up and acknowledge wisdom to see someone else smile. We all love to be seen in our best self.
    2. Highlight wise choices in performance reviews or team meetings. Applaud your kids for the times when they are wise.
    3. Distinguish wisdom as an essential part of effective leadership. Point to unwise and wise decisions. Ask what makes the difference.

Many years ago, I had the honor of helping a partnership through a tough time. They were ready to split and lose over a decade of hard work building a successful insurance company. Why? They spent 99.99% of their time noticing when they and their partner were not wise, not OK, under par, inadequate. They made up stories in their minds about how and why their partner was a threat, taking what was rightfully theirs or diminishing them in public.

Asking them to highlight wisdom was like pulling teeth. It took months. Yet, once they got on a roll they both began to thrive. The previously withdrawn partner became expressive. She deeply cared!. The explosive partner recognized how essential her fire was to move the company in innovative directions.

We can choose to change the conversation in our lives! Notice when we are wise. Point to all the ways those around us are wise. It’s a much more satisfying way to live.

Step 2 tomorrow.



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  1. March 24, 2012 7:58 pm

    Thanks for your wisdom!. A lovely post.
    I completely agree. Noticing what IS working and Sharing kind words about it is a game changer. I wrote a post a few weeks ago about a simple practice of self kindness. Maybe you’ll find it interesting.
    Rebekkah LaDyne – This Mindful Life – blogger


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