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Abundance in the Face of Aggression?

April 25, 2012

When faced with an aggressive negotiation do you shift into protection or more connection? Does the pie get smaller or bigger? Can you access a fundamental trust in abundance at those moments?

Lenedra Carroll, businesswoman, Jewel’s mom, and author of  The Architecture of All Abundance: Seven Foundations to Prosperity, embraces her feminine wisdom and power in the face of aggressive negotiations and unsettling moments of not knowing. Each step of the way taking responsibility for creating the life and work that matches her core values.

It’s not always an easy journey. Through barriers most of us would find insurmountable, she builds success in the material world, in relationship with her famous daughter singer/songwriter Jewel, and with her vital inner self. She is willing to ask the tough questions, confront preconceived notions about corporate mentalities and aggressive business, and personal accountability.

While not the best written book – the writing is informal and moves along. Our Feminine Wisdom Book Club ended up reading this for an additional month as we enjoyed good conversations about how it applied to our lives and work.

3 questions we used to stimulate conversation:

1. Where do you naturally know and live abundance?

2. Where do you feel restricted in or abandon your trust in abundance?

3. How does this affect the choices you make?

I anticipate this book will be a favorite, becoming dog-eared over the years as I dive back into the simple wisdom, stillness, and invitation to be. Amazon Book Review – let me know what you think! (Plus, I love votes… 🙂

If you too realize that you have a responsibility to humankind and have made a commitment to develop your own leadership – you’ll find here the kind of knowledge of the soul required to grapple with the vast changes underway in the world today. (BTW – Savvy Leadership Strategies for Women: Top Experts Share How To Take the Lead and Achieve is another great resource.)

Am I willing to step into aggressive situations with a fundamental trust in abundance? It’s a practice – day by day. How about you?
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