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Business Coaching: Increasing Income Flow

May 7, 2012

Are you looking for a way to generate a little or a lot more income? Most everyone I coach is asking for new ideas in this domain. First question I ask them – how much do you want to bring in? How much is minimum? How much do you really need to thrive? If you don’t know this, you limit your ability to earn.

Increasing income is not like rolling off a log. Setting the right target and then consistently generating income takes something! First it takes inner confidence – claiming your self as a competent, strong, businesswoman. (easy, right? ) Second it takes agreements – with your business partners or spouse. Finally, lots of focused action while you stay in flow. Let your wise feminine power guide you for more ease and less effort.

Setting an income target:

Set your target so that it is interesting enough to get you up in the morning but not so big that you can’t see yourself achieving it. Set it somewhere in between easy/predictable and blue sky wishes. Be sure to ask your significant others for their input.

Here’s one of our favorite coaching exercises for you – schedule some time in your calendar to answer these questions. This is the place to begin increasing your income stream.

1. What is your goal for your total gross income for one year? (Gross is everything that comes into your business checking account before expenses). If you don’t know how to start setting a total – add up how many jobs you’d like to do based on your time and see how much income that would be.

2. What is your goal for average monthly gross income? (Divide by 12 to get your monthly average, based on your yearly goal.) It’s good to know if it’s an average of $500 or $5,000/month that you are aiming for!

3. What is your income goal for each season? Since photography work can be seasonal, set a goal for each quarter so that you end up with your desired yearly total. What is your goal for:

  • Q1 January – March
  • Q2 April – June
  • Q3 July – September
  • Q4 October – December

Once it’s defined? Act in consistent flow: Approach it like a game that you are out to play and win. If you know that you played the income generation game 100%, you will stand tall no matter what the result. If you set a $5000 target and you ended up with $4500 – how sad will you be?

Meeting your income target is all about placing it in the center of your attention. When my kids were little, I really looked at them each morning. When I noticed a runny nose or red eyes I acted immediately to keep them healthy. “Yes, you do need to wear a hat today and drink your OJ!”

The same is true of your income stream. Stay on top of it. When you lovingly assess the health and vitality of your income you’ll know the next step and the next. That’s the road to more income. Take the steps. Each day. Make the call. Send the email. Take the plunge. Enjoy the swim!

Love the little girl in you: Do you feel unsure or uncomfortable? Too small to do this? Do you stop yourself before you even set a goal cause you worry you’ll fall short? Do you feel embarrassed about asking for what you are worth so you ask for so little that they don’t trust that you know what you are doing?  Does it feel like you stop yourself before you really get some momentum going?

When that happens to any of us we lose focus and income streams dry up! Of course it does! When we shrink, when we feel 6 instead of 36, we are not very compelling to prospective clients. Where is our creativity? Inner confidence? Our passion and commitment?  Ability to move for ourselves?

Money is all about the flow of your creative ideas put into action. Engage your creativity! Find your core passion and follow it up with practical step–by-step daily actions to generate a generous stream of money.  This kind of momentum will feel so good! 🙂

It’s time to ignite the flame of your inner fires and create the kind of income stream that makes you smile, a contented, right-sized smile.  Remember, people are waiting for your fine work!

Because I love seeing small business people succeed I’ve developed the Business Boost Seminar where you learn to place yourself and your business in the right level of business growth with just the right activities to boost you to the next level. The next one starts Thursday, 6/21.

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