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Business Coaching: Setting Priorities and Effectively Communicating

June 6, 2012

My decades of working with business founders and executives tells me that you are the source of the best ideas about how to build your business momentum! The Tips and Traps Exercise (part 2) that follows will give you a chance to develop your next steps and strategies for business growth, in the vital areas of:
• Accurate priorities and
• Effective communications

You truly are the expert, immersed in your business vision and progress to date, you know what to do to get to the next level. Identify a next step as well as some of the potential traps that you fall into while you design a strategy to get yourself out. Try it, answer the questions and take step after step to build your business momentum!

1. Accurate Priorities Tip – What are my highest leverage, most important priorities to build my business momentum now?

(Example: My highest leverage priority is to follow up all the leads that have been given to us, and my most important priority is to make sure that our next public event is well attended.)

Accurate Priority Trap – When I’m off track with my priorities, what do I need to do to get back on track and when will I do that?

(Example: When I’m off track, sometimes I need to get some extra rest and sleep, or I need to spend quality time with my husband, and/or sit down and have some quiet time at my desk to sort things out.)

2. Effective Communications Tip – What do I need to communicate and to whom to build my business momentum?

(Example: I need to communicate with the upcoming event volunteers to make explicit requests and give them directions.)

Effective Communications Trap – What are some strategies I could employ when communications break down in my business?

(Example: I could ask for a sane third party’s help, or I could calm down, reread any email before I send it.)

Because I love seeing small business people succeed I’ve developed the Business Boost Seminar where you learn to place yourself and your business in the right level of business growth with just the right activities to boost you to the next level. The next one starts Thursday, 6/21.

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